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New Hit Show Coming in 2020 to DanFlix!

New Hit Show Coming in 2020!

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logo the deal

The Deal is a 12-week business competition series in which ten contestants are whittled down to two finalists, who battle in a winner-take-all final business pitch in front of a live audience. The judges will mentor their favorite contestant and make their own investment pitch to the finalists. Both sides are trying to close The Deal.

But the contestants and the judges can’t make The Deal alone. In this show, the viewing audience has the final say in where the judges invest their money. An audience of millions then uses “social capital” to sway the vote, help the contestants, and ultimately their social influence is what gets The Deal done.

This is a television show first. The nation will have the power to dictate the outcome using one of the most powerful forms of investment capital today – this show determines who will succeed in the marketplace using the power of “social capital.”

Want to be a contestant and pitch your business idea to the world?


If you have a unique twist on a business idea – existing or in the planning stage – and you are willing to be coached, you may qualify for The Deal.

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Want to be considered as a guest judge and invest in America's next great entrepreneur?


If you’re ready to invest real mentorship and cash into business start-ups in a competitive environment – and you have a unique personality, you may qualify for The Deal.

If this sounds like you, schedule an interview here.

Behind the Making of The Deal

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