Vancouver, September 1, 2020 – DAN LOK EDUCATION, INC. responded today to a spate of recent comments about Dan Lok and Dan Lok Education, Inc.

Dan Lok and Dan Lok Education, Inc. do not generally respond or comment on any posts or claims that have not been proven through proper legal channels. Some recent posts and related correspondence are being redirected to the Company’s Legal Counsel, which will review such claims.

Dan Lok Education, Inc. believes that entrepreneurial traits at various levels of initial business effort and long-term success have been the subject of study, observation and published books and articles for decades, from sources as diverse as business schools to interviews and biographies detailing how successful people made their fortunes. Those and more are freely available for everyone’s review and analysis. Mr. Lok has been dedicated to such research and analysis for over 15 years, as attested to by the existence of his many prominent supporters. While the specifics of any particular claim or claims to own or control such matters are beyond the scope of this release, we respectfully submit that claims by any person or entity to ownership of such widely discussed matters should be assessed with appropriate caution. Dan Lok and/or Dan Lok Education are evaluating any appropriate legal remedies.

About Dan Lok Education, Inc.

Dan Lok Education, Inc., an online business skills training company for individuals and businesses, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dan Lok Education provides online social media marketing, business and professional skills training, particularly in Sales and Copywriting, and entrepreneurship training to business owners. Dan Lok Education, Inc. services customers globally and has customers based in over 150 countries.