Vancouver, B.C. – November 24, 2020 – Dan Lok and Dan Lok Education, Inc. have just released Instant Scripts Version 2.0, the updated version of the company’s best-selling copywriting application.

The overhaul is a major milestone in the company’s development as it continues to focus its growth on balancing their educational training and consulting with new SaaS applications.

Instant Scripts was originally launched in May 2020 and quickly became one of the top-selling copywriting applications worldwide. It was dubbed “the ultimate copywriting software” within the copywriting community for its ease-of-use and abundance of features.

Yet, the product was geared mostly towards existing copywriters and proved challenging to use by business owners without any prior copywriting experience. Instant Scripts Version 2.0 was developed to make copywriting easily accessible to anyone, experienced or not.

Among the changes from the original version are an improved user interface, better graphics, enhanced templates, added video tutorials, standard and pro versions, among many other improvements.

Instant Scripts Version 2.0 is available now with a 14-day free trial and can be accessed via www.instantscripts.com.

“The release of Instant Scripts Version 2.0 continues to solidify Dan Lok Education’s commitment to providing the absolute best copywriting software to anyone who needs it, whether the experienced copywriter or the business owner looking for access to professional scripts but who doesn’t have the copywriting background. This is truly a ground-breaking product!”, said Dan Lok.

About Dan Lok Education, Inc.

Dan Lok Education, Inc. was founded by Dan Lok, the world’s preeminent online business leader and one of the most followed personal development influencers. Lok boasts over 3 million YouTube subscribers, 1.8 million Instagram followers and boasts over 1.7 billion social media views in total. He has authored over a dozen books and is a highly sought-after business expert by the media, having appeared on MSNBC, FOX, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine, among many others. His business empire comprises over a dozen companies, mostly focused on elevating the financial well-being of individuals and businesses worldwide. Lok’s portfolio of companies continues to grow, as he shifts more of his attention to venture capitalism and philanthropic endeavors.